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Subject: Have you ever been DISSAPOINTED ?
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5kidmore 14.05.10 - 03:14pm
LIFE: We all at one time or the other get Dissapointed with friends and spouses, we need not to keep it to our selves let us share with our buddies who are goin through what we ve experienced. Lets encourage each other and make this world a better place. Iwill be glad to hear from you. 5kidmore *

priscado 16.08.13 - 09:14am
Hav pasd thro many disapointments hav evn stopd being in relationships coz 2 me guys re jst de sam. *

5kidmore 27.08.13 - 05:36am
Dear priscado nice to hear from you,i want to encourage you that men are not the same. Stop waisting yourself ,love is ignorant,does'nt knw hate does'nt remember the past,does'nt hold on to grudge.but endours .Why dont you stop eating when you get choked?come on baby girl. *

kakiem 15.09.13 - 11:05pm
what i dont understand is why every time i fall to that and once am in love...? *

5kidmore 16.09.13 - 04:02am
sometimes God allows us to pass through the furnace so that we come out as pure gold,gold is never glitterly if it has not gone through fire. *

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