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Subject: what God has done for me.
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5kidmore 1.06.10 - 09:14am
God of elijah dealt with me and for me.He drove deamons out of my life,He restoled peace in my marriage and life, *

banadzem 8.01.13 - 11:00am
God have directed me to my love rihhan,restore peace in my heart. *

5kidmore 21.07.13 - 01:16pm
how good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to live together in unity.your testmonies are a faith booster. *

kakiem 15.09.13 - 11:13pm
i cray for u lord, hear my prayer, shore me where and how.... because am lost in love anymore.., *

5kidmore 16.09.13 - 03:55am
it hurts to love someone who never loves you back.but there is always someone out there for you and i,He loved us even before birth JESUS CHRIST.cast your burden unto Him and He will give you rest. *

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